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Childcare Tuition

Your tuition is based on the attendance plan that you select for your child. We offer both full-time and part-time enrollment to accommodate your family’s scheduling needs. Tuition includes nutritious breakfast and snacks. 
  • Community Connections accepted 

We require a Registration Fee of $130.00 per child or $200.00 for families with multiple children enrolling at the same time (due at registration, non-refundable).

Tuition is paid weekly, in advance, due on the first scheduled day of the week, or tuition may be set up to be automatically withdrawn once a month on the 1st of each month, for the full monthly amount. 

Preschool ages 2-6 years:

Weekly Tuition Rates

Full-day  (7am - 6pm)

Half-day (7am - 12pm)

Potty Trained


M-F: $255.00/week

Half day:

M-F: $210.00/week


Non-Potty Trained


M-F: $275.00/week

Half day:

M-F: $225.00/week

*Tuition includes 1 key card, additional cards available for $10 monthly fee.

*Sibling, nurse, military, police discount offered!


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