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Childcare Information

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Preschool Program 
Mission Statment 

Our mission at Play and Thrive Academy is to allow children to learn and thrive in all areas of development by using play-based learning combined with kindergarten readiness. Our students will learn with an individual developmental portfolio that allows teachers and parents to help their children soar in their growth and development. We are setting the foundation of lifelong learning while creating a fun and safe environment to allow each child to feel important and valued. 

Identity and independence develop as children begin to learn daily routines, they are more comfortable accepting transitions and begin to make predictions about what is coming next. Teachers will encourage interactions between the children and ask open-ended questions causing children to brainstorm and deepen their discussion of topics.  Children will develop greater self-control, independence and enjoy new experiences. Preschool will focus on hands-on learning, communication skills, fostering independence and much more. The preschool program will help prepare your child for kindergarten. Children continue to work towards meeting milestones in 10 developmental areas. 

  • Approaches to learning: Children begin to work on planning skills, set goals and use materials in many ways. 

  • Literacy: Children tell stories, act them out and also work on reading and writing skills. 

  • Language: Children will develop basic conversation skills and vocabulary to communicate effectively. 

  • Logic & Reasoning: Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are utilized.

  • Creative Arts: Children will express ideas and feelings through music and dramatic play. 

  • Physical Development/Health: Children practice gross motor skills and learn the concept of eating healthy and exercise.  

  • Math: Learning numbers, counting skills, and patterns.

  • Social-Emotional Development: Children gain self-awareness, independence and gain empathy and respect for others.  

  • Nature & Science: Children learn about the natural world around them through observation.

  • Social Studies: Children gain an understanding of themselves, others and develop familiar routines. 

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